Environmental / ZDHC Benchmarking & Improvement

Environmental / ZDHC Benchmarking & Improvement – STS provides integrated advice on environmental and ZDHC compliance and third party testing results to further improve compliance.

STS offers expert advice on the results of third party testing carried out on water or wastewater samples at wet processing facilities in the context of legal or ZDHC compliance assessment.

STS can advise on sampling locations and timings, as well as on the impact of the on-site chemicals in use at the facility which can negatively impact on the analytical test results. We can also create and monitor corrective action plans to prevent future non-compliances.

Based on the individual brands requirements and to understand potential sources of any of the 11 priority chemical groups, the sampling is recommended to take place at the following locations:
  • Incoming water  – to understand whether the incoming water supply to the facility already contains any of the 11 priority chemical groups
  • Inlet water  – to assess the effectiveness of any Water Treatment processes carried out before  water is supplied to the wet  processing areas
  • Outlet water  – to measure how much chemical pollution load is added due to chemical use in the wet processing areas
  • Efflluent Treatment Plant (ETP) discharge water   – to understand how effectively the ETP is working in removing chemical pollution and achieving the environmental / ZDHC requirements
  • Sludge – to assess if any hazardous chemicals are present in the ETP sludge prior to disposal
Once the test results come back the team will support with the interpretation of the analytical test results.

Further a thorough assessment will be made of the chemical inventory to identify any possible areas for non-compliance.  If you would like to learn more – please visit our Chemical Management section.