Textile Mill Efficiency

Textile Mill Efficiency Improvement – STS works directly with mills to raise productivity and efficiency levels in textile processing.

STS can provide expert technical support to raise productivity and efficiency levels in textile wet processing facilities. Based on an extensive knowledge of dyes and chemicals and an understanding of factory production techniques we can easily identify cost savings and efficiency-improving measures.

The STS team uses a program that takes base line measurements and identifies opportunities to raise the general productivity levels of the facility e.g. by improving lab-bulk reproducibility, implementing Best Available Technology, or by recommendations to improve dye house management procedures.

STS Mill Efficiency Audits look at all aspects of the operation of the facility including:
  • Quality Control procedures for incoming raw materials including greige fabrics and yarns as well as dyes and chemicals
  • Quality Control procedures for incoming process water whether from surface water, boreholes or municipal supply
  • Laboratory procedures to ensure consistency of chemicals and processes used
  • Color Management controls and procedures including assessment of visual color assessment capabilities and color measurement equipment
  • Lab-to-bulk consistency and reproducibility
  • Shade continuity controls
  • Machine maintenance and calibration
Our experience gained over many years of such audits is that by focusing management attention on these fundamental operations significant improvements in Right-First-Time production can be achieved leading to productivity improvements and reduced environmental impact.

If you would like to learn more about our programs to support you to improve your chemical and environmental compliance – please visit our Chemical Management or Environmental Benchmarking section.