Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis – STS investigates on-site reason for non-compliance of supplier and provides suggestion to resolve.

STS experts are well-qualified to carry out on-site Investigation of reasons for any non-compliance of a supplier with a client’s chemical or environmental requirements. This may involve testing of suspected chemicals where no Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available or MSDS provides limited information.

Following identification of the origin of the non-compliance we work with the facility to develop, implement and monitor a corrective action plan to avoid re-occurrence.

Our experience of working with retailers and brands in this area shows us that there are several common causes of non-compliance including:
  • Poor communication of customer RSL and MRSL requirements along the supply chain to the wet processing facilities
  • Lack of a responsible person with sufficient chemical knowledge in the facility
  • Poor control of incoming raw materials, including greige fabrics and yarns as well as dyes and chemicals
  • Inadequate controls and monitoring of incoming water quality especially where it is from surface water or boreholes
  • Lack of awareness of facilities of Best Available Technologies for preparation, dyeing and finishing
  • Inadequate or improperly-functioning wastewater treatment plant leading to excursions on effluent water parameters such as pH, color, BOD, COD, heavy metals etc.
  • Or simply a cleaning material used in the facility that is cause of non-compliance

If you would like to learn more about our programs to support you to improve your compliance to Brand / Retailer RSL – please visit our RSL Compliance Assessment section.