Chemical Management

Chemical Management Improvement – STS understands global chemical legislation and the requirements of the textile and apparel industry

STS can provide an expert assessment of chemical inventory and chemical management procedures at a supplier facility and advises on how to comply with global chemical legislation, Retailer & Brand Restricted Substance Lists (RSL’s) and Manufacturing Restricted Substance Lists (MRSL’s), any other chemical requirements of the textile and apparel industry. This is further supported by building capacity through training and awareness-raising sessions in the supplier countries specifically related to dyes and auxiliaries and their chemistry.

The Four Key Objectives of our Chemical Inventory Management Programs are:
  • Understand the intrinsic hazards of chemicals stored in the facility and used in application processes or for other functions e.g. hygiene chemicals used in sanitary areas
  • Ensure workers are given sufficient information, training and guidance on how to safely store, transport, use and dispose of chemicals in a safe and consistent manner
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all chemicals used in the facility
  • Minimize adverse effects of chemicals on the health and safety of the workforce
STS is able to build improved chemical management capability in the supply chain by working with employees at the facilities, using classroom-based trainings and webinars.

If you would like to learn more about our programs to support you to improve compliance to Brand / Retailer RSL – please visit our RSL Compliance Assessment section.