About Sustainable Textile Solutions

Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS) is dedicated to assisting brands, retailers and industry partners implement sustainable textile production that meets quality and eco-requirements and makes more efficient use of resources.
The STS programs comprise three main components: consultancy, auditing and capacity building. These are designed as bespoke programs to meet the individual requirements of each client. The following STS programs enable brands and retailers to understand, communicate, monitor and improve the capability of their supply chains and achieve compliance to their environmental, health and safety standards.
Services and Solutions
  • Restricted Substance List (RSL) Assessment

    STS assists Brands & Retailers in further communication and implementation of RSLs with Industry Partners.

  • Textile Mill Efficiency Improvement

    STS works directly with mills to raise productivity and efficiency levels in textile processing.

  • Chemical Management

    STS understands global chemical legislation and the requirements of the textile and apparel industry/

  • STS Training

    STS educates Brands, Retailers and their Industry partners to improve the management of the supply chain.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    STS investigates on-site reason for non-compliance of supplier and provides suggestion to resolve.

  • ZDHC Benchmarking & Improvement

    STS provides integrated advice on ZDHC compliance third party testing results to further improve compliance.